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We provide grocery delivery services and survival funds to those in need during this crisis.

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Let’s take care of each other. By us for us.
እርስ በርሳችን እንከባከብ። በኛ ለኛ።
Vamos a cuidarnos unes a otres. Por nosotres, para nosotres.
Hãy chăm sóc lẫn nhau. Bởi chúng mình cho chúng mình.
ነንባዕልትና ንተሓባሐብ። በባዕልትና ንባዕልትና።

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Demands on Existing Systems

Worker Solidarity

  • People Before Profits–May Day 2020 (Video)
    Under #racialcapitalism and #white supremacy, the ruling class tries to divide us by #race, #ableism, #gender, #immigration status, #employment status, and #incarceration. Our power in each workplace is undercut and devalued through a complex, devious system of divide and conquer that pits us against each other. This is our opportunity to address these divisions. Some […]
  • International Worker’s Day – Community Caravan
    Join the COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network, International League of People’s Struggle, members of the ILWU in solidarity with Local 10 in Oakland, the community, and cross-industry working people for a *social distanced* May Day. Facebook Event Page: http://www.tinyurl.com/mdcaravan2020 Friday May 1st, join a *social distanced* caravan (on bikes or cars) throughout the streets of Seattle […]
  • May Day 2020– Every Human is Essential: People Before Profits
    Every Human is Essential: People Before Profits A Working Class response to COVID-19 Pandemic May Day arose as a day to celebrate the working class and our life and death struggles for liberation. We honor that legacy of resistance and solidarity today.  We are facing an unprecedented situation in the history of workers’ struggles and […]