People Before Profits–May Day 2020 (Video)

Under #racialcapitalism and #white supremacy, the ruling class tries to divide us by #race, #ableism, #gender, #immigration status, #employment status, and #incarceration. Our power in each workplace is undercut and devalued through a complex, devious system of divide and conquer that pits us against each other. This is our opportunity to address these divisions. Some of us are trans, some of us are incarcerated, some of us are #Black, Brown, Indigenous and PeopleofColor, some of us are undocumented, some of us are unemployed and houseless, some of us are sick. Without us, capitalism collapses. We are stronger and more powerful together, when we address the anti-blackness, settler colonialism, racism, ableism and patriarchy amongst us. We have #power and #creativity together. The bosses are #terrified of our potential #power.

On May Day we organized a worker and community caravan to back up worker demands, show cross industry unity and solidarity, and build power for the working class at different sites across SEATTLE.

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